Below you will find all that you need to know about the classes and workshops currently being offered at Summer Skool


Monday EVENING wheel class!

Come have a “wheely wheely” fun time learning the wheel with me (julia)! I promise one joke per class minimum. Besides learning at least one new joke per week, you will also learn magic tricks… like how to turn a lump of mud into a beautiful vessel!! We’ll focus on learning the ol’ basic cylinder and from there explore all the (ENDLESS) possibilities. Handles, decoration, cool shapes un-cool shapes… whatever tickles your fancy! We’ll learn glazing too and then at the end have a fun pick up party. It hasn’t even started and I already can’t wait!

Instructor: Julia

This class runs 8 weeks and starts September 9th and goes until November 4th from 7pm-9:30pm. Note: there is no class on October 14 due to Thanksgiving day holiday.

cost: $275

Registration opens Saturday August 31st at HIGH NOON!


Wedneday AFTERNOON Wheel Throwing – For new & seasoned wheelies

Hey you! Come get messy with me!   Whether you have experience on the wheel or you are a newcomer, this class will provide you with all you need to take your hollow vessel making to the next level.  Obtain new heights, add and subtract material from your shapes and learn to use the right tool for the right job. Glaze instruction and discussions about troubleshooting your personal process will be provided in this class led by Emily Sheppard so don’t miss your chance to get messy alongside some cool new friends. 

Instructor: Emily

This class runs on Wednesdays from September 11th - October 30th from 4:30pm-7pm (8 weeks total)

Cost: $275

Registration opens Saturday August 31st at HIGH NOON


Monday afternoon HANDBUILDING!

Okay, let’s get real here… hand building is not as romanticized as the wheel. You’re not getting all ghost like, covered in a dusting of porcelain… a wheel spinning before you and 20 foot tall vessels magically appearing. But… here’s the secret… handbuilding ROCKS!!!!!! It’s so much fun and, if I’m being completely honest… it lends itself to a greater creativity and personality. I’m not saying the wheel isn’t great, it is!!! But, sometimes I look at lil’ old handbuilding and I think… “someone needs to give handbuilding a hug”. WILL THAT SOMEONE BE YOU? will you give handbuilding a hug? and buy it an ice cream? Mint chocolate chip? Or pistachio… really it’s up to you… (ps in this class we will be learning the basics of handbuilding… slabs, coil, pinch pots and building on those skills to make the ________ that you’ve always wanted but didn’t know you wanted)

Instructor: Julia

This class will begin September 9th and will run 8 week until November 4 from 4-6:30pm. NOTE: there will be no class October 14th because of the holiday.

Cost: $275

Registration opens Saturday August 31st at HIGH NOON


Wednesday NIGHT 2 n’ 1 Wheel n’ Handbuilding

Want to take a spin on the wheel?  Would you love to create cool characters or sculptural forms? Perhaps combine the two?  In this class led by Emily Sheppard, you will be visiting the basics and pushing them the limits with new skills & techniques demonstrated every week.  We will address how to fix things, how to avoid complications in firing and learning about benefits of using clay as a material for both sculpture as well as functional vessel making.  Each class will start with a demo.  As we move through directed projects your new repertoire of building/ throwing techniques will help you finalize an independent project inspired by images and discussions shared during session.

Instructor: Emily

This class runs on Wednesdays starting September 11 and until October 30 from 7pm-9:30pm (8 weeks total)

Cost: $275

Registration Saturday August 31st at HIGH NOON!